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Mother Nature

Carlingford Lough in all its splendour is filled with wildlife at one with nature.

Passenger safety and comfort is paramount for us and so is respecting the marine wildlife hence we do not drive recklessly around our shores.

infinity Boat Tours adventure you may see lots of wildlife including seals, various birds and Finn the resident dolphin.


Carlingford Lough’s harbours including Kilkeel, Greer’s Quay, Carlingford Omeath and Warrenpoint and Green Castle and Block House Island are home to many Harbour and Grey Seals.

Carlingford Lough is a special protection area. 


Carlingford Lough is home to many types of birds including:

Artic, Roseate and Sandwich Terns, Ross and Bonaparte Gulls, Brent Geese, Swifts, Oystercatchers, Redshanks, Herons and Curlews.  

Local birdwatching references
Carlingford Lough is a special protection area.


Carlingford Lough has a resident dolphin friend named Finn.

Finn regularly races alongside boats, paddlers, kayakers and even the Carlingford Lough Ferry.  He joins the pods of local open water swimmers, submerges with the sub-aqua divers and pops up once in a while to say Hello. Somedays Finn takes a holiday.

Finn likes to hang out around harbours, the ferry port and near the shipping lane buoys.  Here he can eat his fill with his choice of catch of the day.  Finn has two light grey markings on his dorsal fin.

It is wonderful to see him and we respect his space.

Finn (for Fionn) was named in a social media competition with over 3000 entries and suggestions when he arrived in July 2020.

Finn is the star of a wonderful book ‘Down by the dock’

Beauty all around us

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